50 years of Kim Casali’s Love is… written and drawn by Bill Asprey


The love story behind Love is…

To love, and be loved, is the most wonderful thing in the universe!

Originally created by New Zealander Kim Grove as a way of expressing her love for her husband to be, Roberto Casali, the Love is… characters and sentiments grew into the famous Love is… syndicated panels of the little naked boy and girl, first launched in The Los Angeles Times in 1970.

How I came to draw Love is…In 1975 I was picked by the creator, Kim Casali and her husband Roberto to take on writing and drawing the daily panels for her. Roberto passed away in 1976 and Kim, after a long battle with illness, passed away in 1997. Her eldest son Stefano, inherited her legacy. I continue to do the daily cartoons, now in my 45th year as the Love is… artist and this year 2020 Love is …celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

Kim Casali’s Love is… written and drawn by Bill Asprey – These familiar little black and white panels are syndicated in newspapers and magazines around the world by Tribune Media Services. To see the panels, now in colour, updated daily, exclusively on this website, please click here click.

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Love is… and The Mail on Sunday

In 1978 I was asked by the UK’s leading national newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, to create a comic strip in colour for their weekend comics pages. I created this new style of “Love is…” exclusively for them, with the couple clothed, for the first time! Kim loved it, and it ran for many years until the Mail on Sunday closed down the comics page.   I publish the daily panels and the colour comic every Sunday, so check back regularly!

Love is…Licensing

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Love is…Daily Panels