The story behind Freddy, Freida and Friends

How and why did I start drawing Freddy, Freida and Friends?
Many years ago, my wife was given a little kitten and a puppy as a present. They grew up together in our house. She adored them and they gave her so much happiness during her lifetime. Those memories have come alive on my drawing board, and now these two cute little characters seem to be taking over my life, all over again!

About Freddy and Freida
Freddy, the tan and white dog, has big floppy ears. He Loves going “walkies” on Hampstead Heath, chasing rabbits, having adventures, playing ball, and getting muddy! He likes chewing on a nice big bone, and he also loves waffles! He’s very loyal and protective of Freida and always takes care of her.

Freida, the little marmalade cat, is quite independent and very inquisitive. She is always going off exploring the neighbourhood and sometimes getting into trouble. But she also likes nothing better than curling up for a nap somewhere nice and warm, usually against Freddy’s warm tummy.

Freddy and Freida have started meeting some of the other characters on my drawing board. They have struck up a friendship with a little bee called Bizzy, who is always buzzing around with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start making other friends on their new adventures together.

Bill Asprey London 2017

Freddy, Freida and Friends daily comic

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