Love is… Color 24 June 2023

Love is… having each other to love
June 24, 2023 11:07 pm

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  • Debra J. says:

    Today I turned 64. What a bleating was to come across this website yesterday. I remember when the first ones I saw were in the Sunday paper.
    I would cut them out and save them believing one day there would be someone that would love me the way Kim portrayed love as I had experienced the opinion my home.
    I remember every time I cut one out I would pray , asking Jesus to give me someone to live me that way when I grew up.
    Then years later I met someone who when he asked me to marry him told me he could only make me two promises. One was he would always love me and the other was he would always take care of me. 47. Years later that has still been the case.
    Thank you for continuing to teach people what love means through Kim’s quotes that she had been teaching others in the past

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