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Dear Love is… Readers and Fans, especially Helen, Rosio, Ivonne, Jessica and Laura, Wolfgang and the ladies in Germany. Thank you all for your kindness, concern and wonderful messages.

I start the New Year back at my drawing board and with the memory of my dear wife Mercia deep in my heart. I want this to be a very special year for us all. Starting with this new blog which will list posts in a better date related order.

Recently, I have received emails from readers who cannot find Love is…or, that it has disappeared from some websites. So, beginning this month, I will put up a new cartoon each day. It’s extra work, but I have got the hang of how to do this, so it should run smoothly! I hope you will always be able to enjoy the latest daily cartoons here, if other sources are unavailable.

Yours ever, 




January 16, 2015 12:00 am

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